Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How To Fix Zero Disk Space Issue On Windows 7

If you are a Windows user, you might have encountered the issue of C drive running out of space at least once. There are several reasons why this happens. Most of the time, it'll be because of:

  • installing more and more programs into C drive, 
  • downloading large files into C drive (movies), or even 
  • viruses replicating and populating your drive and eating up drive space
  • ...and many other reasons.
Sometimes, you end up with zero disk space and cannot even uninstall programs to free up space!

Now, we know C drive is where the operating system, ie, Windows is installed. So a part of C drive memory has to be free always, because Windows by default uses a part of C drive memory as virtual memory. When you run a lot of programs, RAM is not enough sometimes and thus a part of the hard disk space is used along with RAM and it is called virtual memory. Thus if C drive is full, no virtual memory is available and computer hangs. So, you may not even be able to uninstall a program to free up space.

How to fix this?

I'm working on a Windows 7 computer. First, right click C drive and open properties. You will see a window like this, on it, click disk cleanup..

Select all the files and click OK. Now you will have freed up a lot of space. (Mine is only 2 MB because I performed the cleanup already before taking screenshot). 

Now, if there is still lack of space, click disk cleanup again and this time click on clean up system files button. Just like you did above, select all files and click OK. Now you have deleted most of the unwanted system files like old updates and old error reporting files.  

When you have finished the cleanups, you will have enough space to perform uninstall operations without hanging your computer. 

Always remember to keep at least 10% of C drive free to keep Windows from hanging. Move all your photos, videos and downloaded files to other drives. And try to install programs to other drives. This will help free up precious disk space on C drive. 

Hope this helps :)

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