Monday, 16 November 2015

How to remove the unlocked bootloader message on Moto E?

Once you unlock the bootloader on Motorola devices like Moto E, you will see the below message when your phone boots up. 

I know it's ugly and so here's how to remove it.

  • Download the and extract it to the directory where you have your fastboot files - (platform-tools or minimal adb )
  • Reboot to fastboot mode (vol down + power  )
  • Go to the directory and open cmd by typing cmd on address bar
  • Command Prompt will open up and now type the command: fastboot flash logo logo.bin
  • Now reboot using the command fastboot reboot
  • Now your bootlogo should be restored back to the normal version.
I have tested it on Moto E XT1022 and it should work on other devices too. Use at your own risk.

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